Service Department
The Cascade Pools and Spas service department has over 60 years experience and specialize in gunite, in-ground pool and spa repairs. Our qualified, trained technicians and service department staff are capable of diagnosing and repairing any pool or spa problem. We provide professional repair and cleaning services, as well as a wide variety of pool and spa parts and chemicals for both residential and commercial applications. We also offer regular service for Cascade Pool and Spa owners by request. We have a well-stocked, mobile dispatch service fleet available and our service department desk offers free over-the-counter chemical testing and advice. Give us a call or contact us today!

In Store Water Testing Hours
Cascade Pools offers free over the counter water testing and advice. Water testing hours are from 8am-4:30pm daily.

Maintenance Services
Cascade Pools service department offers a variety of routine maintenance service packages for Cascade pool owners. Going on vacation? Call us today and we can take the worry of your pool off of your mind while on vacation. Just need an equipment check up or a one time cleaning? We also offer a tech service for your equipment. Looking for regular service? We offer that as well! What ever you are looking for we have a custom package or one time service just right for you.

Pool Opening & Closing
There is a lot of misconception and confusion about when the best time to open is. If you are having a professional company do the work for you, it's always best to get a jump on it before the season really hits to make the most of your summer. We recommend opening or having every thing checked out in March to beat the pre season summer rush.

When it comes to closing down your body of water, each one is unique to it's self. Because of this, there are some things to take into consideration when you are thinking about closing at the end of the season. Do I need to drain my equipment lines? Do I leave my equipment running? Am I at a greater risk for freeze damage? Am I going to use my pool or spa through the winter? Maybe you haven't thought about that yet. Our service technicians can help walk you through your options and ultimately help you make the best choice for you and your investment. That said, there is no set in stone way to close your body of water down. We treat every body of water differently according to each individual set of needs. Some simply are handled with adding a shock and algaecide treatment and some are a little more complex. If you have additional things your are unsure of such as, an auto fill line or slide lines to drain these are great things to let your technician coming out know ahead of time so they can be properly prepared to take care of your needs. Call or come in today and we can walk you through all of your options!