In 1950 Gun-Crete Cement Company / DBA Cascade Pools & Spas was founded by Phil Tworoger along with P.A.T. Pool Equipment Distributing as the purchasing arm of his new company. By 1975 at the age of 45, Phil was ready to start a new chapter in his life incorporating his love of travel and his passion for sailing the seas. To finance his 46 ft. Cal motor-sailboat, the Jolly II Roger, he sold his business to two employees, Spencer White and David Wickwire. David acquired the service portion of the business which he had been managing for several years and Spencer took the helm of the construction company, plus the wholesale / purchasing division.

At the ripe old age of 30, Spencer launched a career which turned into his life-long passion. Little did he know that all those summer jobs working for Phil in high school and into college (at the University of Oregon, studying architecture) would catapult him into a world of long hours, anxious moments, and finally into the personal satisfaction of designing and building quality swimming pools, spas, and water features.

When the business was originally split, the construction portion had a 5-year “no compete" clause effectively banning them from servicing Phil's old customers. This allowed Spencer to concentrate on his love of designing and then seeing his vision become reality. He also took the old worn out vehicles and equipment which came with the sale, and brought them back to useful life with his skills in automotive repair.

Those 5 years of slowly building the service business by only working on those customers which they acquired after the sale, paid off in huge dividends. The work ethic of customer service and quality workmanship was able to flourish in a natural unhurried progression. By this time David Wickwire had sold Cascade Pools & Spas Service Company to Pete Geiger of Geiger Pools, creating quite a bit of confusion, especially in the Yellow Pages despite the different addresses - McEwan Rd vs. Macadam Blvd. The confusion lives on today in the minds of many people, but rest assured we have absolutely no connection.

Without the constraints of the “no compete" clause, Phil's old customers slowly began coming back to us from a base of 30 that first year to nearly 3000 in 2017. Our fledgling three-person service department has grown to eight full-time employees, run by Jamie.

Jamie, our service manager, has been with us for 26 years and is truly amazing. She can walk you through just about any equipment or chemical problem you can run into. Stephanie (a second generation Cascade Pool Employee), has been with us for 12 years and is Jamie's right hand, helps keep the service department running smoothly. Scott, Michael and Graydon do most of the equipment repairs, combined they have 40 years experience. Tim and Chris have been with us for 24 & 22 years respectively cleaning and maintaining pools. Jose is the newest addition to the department, maintaining pools.

Matt has been our purchasing agent for P.A.T. Pool Equipment Distributing / Cascade Pools for the past 20 years. He has tremendous amounts of experience in the pool industry and can find those hard to acquire pieces of equipment for our general contractors.

Robin has been with us for 8 years now running the accounts payable department, she also does a wide range of things in the construction department and human resources.

The construction crew includes Tom who is a construction superintendent, has 27 years experience building pools. Stilian (AKA Stanley) came from Bulgaria 18 years ago with a strong work ethic. Now a US citizen, he still gives us pause on occasion as his accent and idioms will throw us for a loop. Kim (originally a finish carpenter) and Dennis (a grade school friend of Spencer) are the tile team. They create those gorgeous tile patterns on many of our pools. Kim also manufactures our coping stones which we use on some of the pools and sell through the wholesale division to other builders. Ricky has been with us for 5 years, has exceptional work ethic and is an excellent addition to the construction department. Together, the crew has seen it all and can figure out how to put it all together for an amazing finished product.

Spencer and Patty's son, Devin started working for Cascade Pools while still in high school. He learned the ins and outs of CAD programming while working for Plastimayd and has experience as a electrician's apprentice. For the past 15 years he has worked for us full time learning the business from the ground up and is now also a construction superintendent.

This really is a family run and operated business with the objective of giving the best customer service possible and the highest quality pools, spas, and water features in the market today.